• Brony Appreciation Day!

    Every year, we tend to go crazy in April Fools with an all day event dedicated to some random topic, be it SPACE MARES last year or Starlight Glimmer's hostile takeover of the blog and eventual overly-dark ending where she turned everypony into statues. It may or may not have gone a little far~

    Anyway, this time around with the current world already being chaotic enough, we wanted to do something a little bit more down to earth. I know laughter and fun is usually the best medicine, but I also think with 10 years of this awesome fandom under our belts, we need a good excuse to celebrate everything we've accomplished so far.


    Brony Appreciation Day

    This day is dedicated to YOU! The fandom.
    The creative people that keep us all entertained.
    The organizers that make things work.
    The commenters that keep everyone else motivated, and even the random people that still haven't said a peep yet make an artist or musician feel good when their pageview counter ticks up.

    It's time to celebrate what we've all accomplished over the years, one category at a time. Starting in the morning blog time, we will be exploring every aspect of the fandom, from fanart to fanfic. Bi-hourly posts dedicated to each category. Feel free to pop in and join us in complimenting the amazing people that keep this ride rolling.