• Bubbles Everywhere! - Derpy Day Begins

    Did anyone order some Bubble Horse? It's that time of year again my friends where we celebrate our beloved little Derp Horse. The first real background pony the fandom took a shine to she truly is something unique in modern media where a character the fans essentially made as a community eventually ended up in the show proper as an occasional secondary character.

    So let's celebrate the long history of one of the fandom's most beloved characters and have a bit of fun while we are at it!

    Still trying to get your Derpy Day material in to us? You have until 12pm PST to send a message to [email protected] with Derpy Day in the subject line followed by what you're sending in.

    Example: Derpy Day - Comic

    We hope you all enjoy this Derptastic Day. Let's just hope nothing goes wrong as whenever I seem to post Bubble Horse there is always something wrong with the posts.

    Twitter: Calpain