• Top 5 Derpy Moments in Equestria Girls

    So as it is Derpy Day, I am sad to not have an EqG short that shows her many and wonderful quirks and personality. With her love of archery, boating, saw playing, and baked goods, she is the Waldo we love to talk about when finding our background characters. If I can say what character makes the fandom, it would be Derpy aka “Muffins”. She was one animation error from being just another background character that we would give a fandom name and backstory to, but her character grew into something more. Sweet, endearing and adorably clumsy, she became the mail carrier we wished we could’ve had (ok maybe not only because of what a train wreck Grumpy and Matilda’s wedding started out as). Unfortunately that love didn’t translate fast enough to EqG because we don’t really have a Derpy related short or music video. Instead, I’ll try something different (since this title is different anyway). And this is only my list so it’s not set in stone or in any particular order so be sure to comment your favorite human Derpy moments.

    Number 5. Derpy Rocks

    With Rainbow Rocks came a new appreciation of this spin off series. With great villains like the Dazzlings and great songs that erupted all the remixes, I couldn’t help but love the idea of Derpy being musically gifted. We’ve seen Pinkie play several instruments (including a theremin), but has she ever played a saw? Truly a moment of greatness for Derpy in her Obi Wan outfit rocking out with Raspberry Fluff on triangle and Blueberry Pie killing it on cowbell. Be sure to find them on Spotify… or this link at the bottom.

    4. Derpy Pinking Up the Pieces

    Whether it’s comforting Flash about not getting his pony princess back or comforting Flash about trying to get back with Sunset, Derpy is a true friend by trying to cheer him up. Or maybe she’s chasing after this blue haired guitar player, too. All I know is I don’t see this ship working out too well just off of music preference alone. One way or another, Flash should appreciate the many times he’s made a fool of himself in front of his crushes and having a friendly hand to say “you did your best”. Though from Flash’s facial expression, I don’t think he’s ok with someone seeing how badly he made a fool of himself countless times.

    3. Derpy’s Strong School Spirit

    When you’re a kid in high school, you might not be as peppy as these students, but if there’s one character that’s all about school spirit, it’s Derpy. In no way would I peg her as the studious type, but there’s no harm in trying…even if the chemicals you’re mixing blow up in your face. Not only did she participate in the Friendship Games, she got into the Science Club, Wallflower’s Gardening Club, and Pinkie’s Baking Club. And strangely enough, she’s in a lot of clubs with Flash Sentry. Hmmm…very interesting.
    2. Her First Words

    I remember how long it took us to get Derpy talking in the original show all the way to episode 100 “Slice of Life”. Of course we have her first soundbite that gave her the love of muffins by saying it one time and bam. Character created! But at least Slice of Life gave her more to say along with more of the fabulous Tabitha St. Germain giving us Derpy’s voice in both FiM and EqG. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the first time she’s really spoken (without just singing in music numbers) was her dire need of arrows in Legend of Everfree. It’s nice to see how enthusiastic she is with archery and boating with Sandlewood next to her. Maybe a daytime date after bumping into each other in this scene? Don’t ask me why I’m trying to ship her with people. I just like watching people react to her.

    1.  Always the popular one

    In a lot of moments with Derpy, there’s not many where she’s not with someone random. This girl has friends and plenty of them. I can see her being a lot like Pinkie Pie in that aspect where it feels like she knows just about everyone at school and hangs in various groups. Like her school clubs and band, she’s been around Lyra and Bon Bon, Bulk Biceps, Microchips and other various background characters. She may be a background character, but in no way is she ever alone. And I’m pretty sure the fandom adds to that as well. 
    Well that’s my Top 5 Derpy Moments and I got to admit I had fun writing this. Of course I had to do some HEAVY research on what moments I can find her, but it made it all the more fun when she’s just living her best life…most likely with a muffin. So I usually write these the day before uploading since I work all week, so when I realized Derpy Day was coming up, I spent all week thinking on what to do since there’s no shorts or music videos about her. But I’m glad I came up with a way to talk about all the moments where a cross eyes blonde was more of the focus than whoever is the main focus in certain scenes. Be sure to play the Derpy Drinking Game and take a shot (even of water or soda) anytime she appears on the screen. Pretty sure you won’t be hung over in the morning. I’m Penny Wrights and I’m gonna pig out on mini muffins.