• Photo Finish & Band Music: StableTwoStallion - Photo Finish [Industrial Metal]

    Combining a pony song with 3D pony art once more, this new dual fan work by StableTwoStallion is quite a delight for the music fan as it features Photo Finish on lead vocals, Fluttergoth on keyboards, Sassy Saddles on drums, and Rarity, Maud and Pinkie on guitars!! Such passion and dedication is always so awesome to see, and it definitely feels great to join the musician in those imagined thoughts of the ponies gathering as a band, and to see it happen for real with those visuals made with love. The song itself is top-notch and stars impressive vocals made to imitate Photo Finish's accent (more details in the description), and StableTwoStallion definitely did so well with that! A much wonderful fan work and tribute, it is so easy to rock out to, and you just want to cheer for all the ponies and StableTwoStallion!