• Episode Rewatch - MLP Season 1 Episode 23-24 - Cutie Mark Chronicles and Owls Well That Ends Well

    An entire episode about BUTTS. Magical butts. Mind controlling butts. Butts that control your DESTINY. Those are some powerful butts.

    Or flanks. These are horses. Do they call them butts?

    I know I got cutie mark chronicles confused with another episodes a few rewatches ago, but not this time! Unleash the world building with one of the most fanfic-spawning episodes out there! What happens when you give a ravenously pony obsessed fan base a mountain of backstory all at once? We go all out!

    Unfortunately the second episode in this pairing was uhhh... less awesome?

    Anyway, go get them below! Parties begin at 10:00 AM PST.

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