• New Horse GAME Update Releases! - Combat Demo (Now With Trailer!)

    We haven't had a Horse Game post here in what feels like forever, but the game is very much still alive and has dropped off a brand new fully playable combat demo for you all to try out! It is 100% revamped from the last demo they released in the last demo, so expect a lot more out of it than what you might remember.

    Go play it here.

    They are also looking for people to help build the game with them if you are up for some coding, model creating, or general game design. Get the details of that below!

    HorseGAME Combat Demo 

    Work is steadily progressing in the full version of the HorseGAME and in the time since our last demo release we’ve made many refinements to the core of the HorseGAME mechanics. Combat has been completely revamped, along with character physics, magic system, and enemies (including some for the final game). So to show off the new improvements we’re releasing a fun little combat demo. 

    We also still need of people to help make the HorseGAME so if you can 3D  model, create art, program, or have experience in game design, email us [email protected] or let us know on our discord.