• Pinkie & Fizzlepop Music: Shal Music FX - Fizzlepop 'Til You Drop (feat. Magpiepony & Truesailorcomet) [Latin Ska]

    Possibly my new favorite from Shal Music FX (the musician behind Starlight's Demons, who I got blessed to meet at BronyCon this year), this incredible collab stars the voice acting talents of Magpiepony and Truesailorcomet as well as Shal's musical creativity and passion, crafting a show-style song about Pinkie helping Fizzlepop getting accepted after the events of the MLP movie! Such wonderful fan works always win my heart, and I'm so happy to be able to share them with you all. Give it up for everypony who contributed in this, including background choir vocals echoing the ponies of Equestria who second Pinkie's sentiment!