• New Fluttershy and Applejack Friendship is Magic Story Sets Appear!—Asia Region Exclusives

    Hasbro's website was recently updated with some of the newest and latest toys for the My Little Pony toyline. Among them were two brand new story packs. One for Fluttershy and one for Applejack.

    However when I tried to source these toys to let everyone know where you could purchase them, I ran into a stone wall. None of the partner retailers on Hasbro's US website carried it. So I reached out to our friends at Hasbro to see if they knew where it was being sold.

    They got back to me with the answer that these toys, much like the last Equestra Girls Minis line (the one which featured the Humane 7 in their reboot outfits), was developed specifically for the Asian market.

    This is unfortunate because that is a blindbag scaled Angel Bunny packaged with this Fluttershy. It is the only one which has been produced in this scale. And I, and probably many others, need it.

    So if you happen to have a friend who lives in Asia, consider asking them to track it down for you. As for me, I need to do the same…