• Another Tiny Hint at a New Art Style in the My Little Pony Movie

    Tiniest header image on EQD ever?!

    The spanish version of the My Little Pony website has released a timeline of pony from the early 80's all the way until now. Way at the end in 2017, they added the point up above to show off the movie. If you look really closely at it's ridiculously small size, you can see that the ears are shaded differently, similiar to the Twilight Sparkle from a few days ago.

    There aren't any plans to reveal anything at SDCC, but I'm thinking we will see at least a bit of movie news. Hopefully that can confirm or debunk the rumor storm. Until then, have a secondary bit of evidence that we are indeed going to see an updated art style as they transition from Flash to Toon Boom for the big screen.

    Thanks to MLP Forever for the heads up!