• Fan Episode: A Different Dispective

    An armada of animators, voice actors, and general fandom creators have teamed up for a full on Discord fan episode. It's not often we see something like this creep up out of the fandom due to how long they take to make. It really is a testament to how incredibly active brony is. I think only Pokemon gets anywhere near this kind of dedication.

    Anyway, I'll shut up and let you get to watching. Go get it down below!

    If you feel like drawing or writing, check out the event tying into this over here! No skills required. 

    And on a side side note since some are curious about what we bannerize - typically any major fandom project involving teams of people can get one of these. Just fire an email off to either me or the submit box and we can work something out. We've done it for everything from Fallout Equestria releases to games. It can't hurt to ask! I for one welcome way more banners.