• Final Fantasy 6 Pony Mod Gets a Revamp in Filly Fantasy 6

    Way back in the early years of the fandom, someone released a complete reworking on Final Fantasy 6, replacing most of the character sprites with ponies and rewriting the dialogue for more equinish features. After it's release, loads of people played it but we never saw any expansion.

    Someone has taken it upon themselves to revamp the project, with a rewrite, new characters, and way more sprite edits.

    Head on down below the break for the details and trailer!

    - Gameplay is more difficult; enemies have higher stats, the party has lower stats, and enemies use more aggressive and powerful attack scripts, resulting in a higher challenge level.

    - Several new spells and adjustments to previous spells and abilities.

    - The story is completely overhauled, incorporating numerous elements of the canon. The story of the Espers has also been integrated into FiM's universe in a way meant to be (relatively) lore-friendly.

    - A new cast of characters, including Cadance, Shining Armor, King Sombra, Maud, Star Swirl, and more.