• Random Merch: Baseball Pony Hat, Sandwich Bags, Shoes, Vinyl Album, and More!

    Pony continues it's hostile takeover of all things purchasable. I'm half expecting that special edition pony Lambo around the release of the movie. It will happen some time...

    Above, we have a new hat with a bunch of characters that don't usually invade the more random items out there. Thanks to Framwinkle for sending that one! You can find it at Toys R' Us

    And head on down below the break for a boatload of random merch!

    Pony Sandwich Bags

    Found at: Five Below
    Found by: Mike

    DJ Pon-3 PResents: Album Now Heads to Physical Vinyl

    For all you record player enthusiasts, this one is now heading to the physical side. Expect it on November 27th!

    Found at: Amazon
    Found by: Sen555

    Chocolate Calendars Begin Appearing!

    Found at: 99p in the UK
    Found by: Tre

    Pinkie and Dash Sleep Set

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Perfectly Imperfect

    Rainbow Dress Costume

    Found at: Costco
    Found by: Jtocool

    Friends Rock Shirt

    Found at: Poundstretcher
    Found by: Richard

    Water Bottles

    Found at: Safeway
    Found by: Cameron

    Friendship Games Shoes

    Tons of these things popped up on a Russian website.

    Found at: Cross Way
    Found by: Richard

    Salon Play Mat Set

    Found at: Kohls
    Found by: Alex

    Mic Stand Thing

    Found at: Amazon
    Found by: Alex

    Rainbow Dash Bucket

    Found at:  Party City
    Found by: Steve