• Nightly Roundup #1254

    Even the toughest of ponies have to cry sometimes. AJ has been through a lot with her family and sometimes it's best just to let everything out.

    News time my friends! Get it all after the break.

    Tonight's Stories

    Brotherhooves Social Transcript

    Alan Back has a new transcript out for you guys to check over! Find it down below!

    Check out the full story here!

    The Brony Phenomenon - A Brony Documentary

    A new Brony Documentary has come out on Youtube! At 25 minutes it's a nice little thing to end your day with. Check it out!

    Pinkie Pie Tries Vegetables - An Audio Reading

    A short little audio story for you all tonight! So sit back and relax.

    Five Years of Friendship

    A short film compiling the past five years of pony!

    Disco Bot - Music Video

    Some Sweetie Bot and tunes to end the night with. She really can dance!

    Winter Wrap Up (On floppy and HDD)

    Going old school tonight with some Winter Wrap Up on floppy and HDD.

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Overmare Studios AMA

    Overmare Studios is responsible for the in-development game Fallout: Equestria based on the story of the same name.

    We at /r/FalloutEquestria are hosting the AMA over this weekend (the 10th-11th). So stop on by to ask them about Fallout, Equestria, Fallout Equestria, or just about anything.

    Post: https://redd.it/3o6bc5

    Overmare website: http://theovermare.com/

    CinemaQuestria's Weekday Events: Monday October 12th to Thursday October 15th

    More new shows comin' your way this week here at CinemaQuestria, including a NEW Gravity Falls, NEW Steven Universe LIVE in HD & SD, a NEW Danger Mouse all week, and NEW The Muppets!

    ~~All times EDT~~

    • 1:00p - ~LIVE~ Danger Mouse (*NEW* The Return of Danger K) [only SD]
    • 5:55p - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (The Bet)
    • 6:15p - Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorperated (Through the Curtain)
    • 6:35p - The Legend of Korra (*SERIES FINALE* The Last Stand)
    • 7:00p - Teen Titans (Deception)
    • 7:20p - Pokémon: Master Quest (A Parent Trapped / A Promise is a Promise)
    • 8:00p - *NEW* Pokémon XY (Adventures in Running Errands!)
    • 8:30p - CQ Power Playback: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (The Mutiny, pts 1, 2, 3) [only SD]

    • 1:00p - ~LIVE~ Danger Mouse (*NEW* Big Penfold) [only SD]
    • 6:00p - *NEW* ~LIVE~ Equine Episode Examination (Crusaders of the Lost Mark)
    > Join us for our newest show, where every week some of the CQ staff get together for a live discussion about the newest MLP episode. We'll discuss the various aspects of the episode, and what we liked and didn't like. Everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion in the chat while we talk on stream!
    • 8:30p - *NEW* Gravity Falls (Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future)
    • 8:50p - *NEW* Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy [Animated Series] (Take the Milano and Run)
    • 9:10p - CQ Power Playback: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (The Wanna-Be Ranger / Putty on the Brain) [only SD]

    • 1:00p - ~LIVE~ Danger Mouse (*NEW* The Unusual Suspects) [only SD]

    VIEWER-PICK MOVIE NIGHT w/ "RoboCop (1987)" & "Tron: Legacy"

    • 7:00p - October 28th Movie Nominations Announced / Voting Opens
    • 7:15p - RoboCop (1987)
    • 9:00p - October 21st movie night winners announced!
    • 9:20p - Tron: Legacy

    > Voting for your October 21st Movies is still OPEN thru Tuesday at noon EDT. Vote here: http://goo.gl/forms/J8392MdtTw
    > Submit movie suggestions into our movie database system here: http://j.mp/CQsubmitmovie

    • 1:00p - ~LIVE~ Danger Mouse (*NEW* Danger Fan) [only SD]
    • 5:30p - ~LIVE~ Steven Universe (*NEW* Too Far)
    • 8:00p - *NEW* The Muppets (Pig Out) [only SD]
    • 8:20p - CQ Power Playback: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Bloom of Doom / The Green Dream) [only SD]

    Have a great week, and see you on http://www.CinemaQuestria.com!

    yBrony, A New Multimedia Pony Site

    Got a new site that has popped up recently called yBrony! It offers a variety of stories, videos, games and more added by the site author, not just pony either. It looks pretty well made! Check it out at the link below.

    Get more information here!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Ace Analyst: Brotherhooves Social Review/Analysis

    Griffon-hooves Social - MLP MK

    Cutie Mark Laboratories - Is Vinyl Scratch Mute?

    The Brony Show 198 - The Brony Show watches and reacts to EQG: Friendship Games

    The Brony Show 198 - The Brony Show watches and reacts to EQG: Friendship Games

    Hello everypony. The new Equestria Girls movie has just released and we haven't seen it yet. So we're going to have some fun and the crew of The Brony Show is going to watch this live and give our first reactions to the new movie. Come and watch!

    Watch it here:

    News of the week: https://youtu.be/68HXmOECJbU

    Vids of the week: https://youtu.be/__ukNLvLc4A

    Be sure to join us at www.thebronyshow.net at 6PM PST/ 9PM EST live this and every Monday. You can also join us an hour early for the Brony show preshow and get your brony show starting early. Also be sure to stay after for Crimson's oatmeal galore afterparty. if you want us to email you about events going on with the show, just email tbspluggedin@groupmail.com and ask to be subscribed. If you want to be part of the show, let us know! Email Circuit at bronyshow@gmail.com and ask for a spot. They fill up fast so be sure to reach us quickly. Also be sure to tune in to our affiliate Ponyville live for the show and more fun things after the show at www.ponyvillelive.com

    "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" Episode thoughts

    Today In Pony History

    October 12, 2011-2014

    2011 - Mentally Advanced series premieres.

    2012 - Possible comic pages for the MLP Comic pop up and season 3 storyboarders revealed.

    2013 - New Fluffle Puff and Tiarawhy animations.

    2014 - The Hub shows off its last April Fools joke.

    Twitter: Calpain