• Stay Brony My Friends #110, Rena Anakwe (Sapphire Shores) and the Pacific Pony Con

    Stay Brony My Friends keeps trucking along! A new episode has popped up with a very unique guest: the VA for Sapphire Shores! Not only that, but the gang over on Stay Brony have a new charity to support as well. This time around their special guest has chosen the Atlanta Day Center for Women and Children; a local but very worthy cause!

    Check on after the break to see how you can participate and even win a mix tape from Rena Anakwe herself!

    Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! We're back with another episode of Stay Brony My Friends. This time we welcome Rena Anakwe who is the voice of Sapphire Shores as well as Ted and Charile from Pacific Ponycon who brought us up to speed
    on their wonderful new convention in San Diego where Rena will be attending her FIRST pony con!

    Rena is a very interesting character herself. Did you know she has not one but TWO masters degrees? She won a Gold Gloves boxing championship in 2008, AND is a professional DJ! Check out the Youtube link for our very cool chat about everything she's up to and 
    what she'll be doing in San Diego come January for Pacific Ponycon.

    Once again we did smashing on our last charity drive, pulling 880 bits for the American Red Cross. This time we are doing something a little more directed to a local level. 
    Rena would love it if you could help support the Atlanta Day Center for Women and Children. 
    Being homeless is pure misery for anyone, but there are particular dangers and challenges for homeless single women and their children. The Atlanta Day Shelter offers the kinds of help that can end homelessness, including medical help, job training, good meals, and helping to navigate the bureaucratic mazes that surround governmental programs.
    This is critical work that is being done. Your donations will make a life-changing difference. So let's get on it!

    So right. So manly. So good.

    And of course I have a slate of goodies set aside for one lucky donator, but whats REALLY cool is Rena, known by her pro name as DJ Lady Lane, will create a mix tape for the winner if we break 500 bits! Now wouldn't you like a shot at having music mixed by the pony of pop herself?
    So get over to Manliestbrony.com and click the link (https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/manliestbrony/atlantadayshelter) give 5 bucks or more to get a chance!
    and once again we thank you for all your support.
    Dustykatt & Screwball

    Twitter: Calpain