• Mike Vogel Writing for Season 6!

    You may know Mike Vogel from various promos over the years, along with his hosting of the San Diego Comic Con Panels. He used to be the VP of marketing for Hasbro Studios, but made the switch over to the creative side earlier in the year when the MLP movie was announced. Needless to say, he's a pretty awesome dude. This bit of news was buried in the April Fools pile, and I didn't want to publish it yesterday for fear that all of you would think it was another one of those silly event posts.

    What kind of episode can we expect from him? What madness takes place in the mind of Mike Vogel? I suppose we will find out... next year!

    (In other news, I don't think he has an OC pony? If I'm wrong, you guys should probably do something about that)

    Thanks to Nick and Masem for the heads up.