• 2 Days of Pony - TONIGHT WE MOON!

    CELEBRATE THE MOON! And Celebrate two more days of waiting while you are at it. Season 5 is right around the corner, and all of the amazing things that comes with that. Are you prepared? Are you meetup up with fellow like-minded individuals to watch it?

    Over the years, Luna here has gone from ridiculously popular to godlike status popular. She may have a super limited show appearance, but that doesn't make her any less of a poll stomper. Just look at that silly poll over there on the side bar that I am too lazy to take down. Somehow, even without even saying her name, the majority of people picked the one closest to her. Was it intentional? Did they pick it strictly for Luna? Who knows. At this point I don't think anyone even realizes their Luna bias. I know I don't. I've headered so many Drawfriend posts with her without even realizing I'm doing it. Maybe we are all living in the Matrix of Luna's night, slowly being devoured by the shadows of Nightmare Moon. It's clearly the only explanation.

    I'm sure we will see more moonbutt in the future, hopefully with her own episode. She is amazing in the comics. 

    Anyway, go discuss moon below! How has Luna CHANGED YOUR LIFE? What would you do if Luna suddenly appeared next to your computer while you are reading this line?