• Nightly Roundup #680

    Since we had AJ last night you can be sure Apple Bloom was close behind! Now for some serious news folks, we just want to let you know a memorial page will be made for Kiki when the parents either make a public statement or talk to us privately. We just want to give them some space for now is all.

    Anyhow, on to the news.

    Pony Tattoo!

    Been awhile since we had a tattoo on the site! Here are some details from the owner.

    I'm one of several people who have gotten an MLP tattoo (I've got a Fluttershy one already, and the phrase "Buck Yeah" on my knuckles)

    However, I was so pleased with this that I simply had to submit it. The original artist can be found on http://j8d.deviantart.com/
    The tattoo-artist in question is the lovely and talented Izzy Kovalevskaja, who is also working on a Mane 6 halfsleeve for my girlfriend. 

    Random Derpy Video

    Cookie Cake!

    Some More Fanart From Youngsters

    Some more art from youngsters on our site, this time from Lily! Thanks for the art Lily, hope you continue enjoying the site.


    Canterlot Radio - Episode 12

    Copy Paste:

    We talk with special guest MicTheMicrophone about the upcoming Ponystock at Everfree Northwest and find out how you can help cohost a future episode of Canterlot Radio. 

    The Brony Bookclub - Episode 25

    Copy Paste:

    This week on The Brony Bookclub Sam, Kavonde (author of A Teacher With No Class) and I discussed Rainbow Dash, Sherlock Holmes, Rarity, Crossovers, Shipping, Why Rarity is Best Pony, and our upcoming anniversary. Click here (http://youtu.be/KerusDOpGZM) to listen.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Pony Figures Project

    Copy Paste:

    Help us to Buck this project onto kickstarter.

    The project is simple, to fund the sculpting and manufacture of the pony figurines shown here. Then stretch goals would be to add character pieces such as paladins, wizards etc. And perhaps even a little sci-fi pony!

    We’ll most likely start the project within in a months time, and we’ll be sure to announce it here at Equastria daily.


    Please feel free to read on if you are so inclined..

    We’ve long been fans of ponies here at SLAP miniatures and have a strong desire to make hand crafted little equines, which we would then make available to everyone in the form of finely cast pewter figurines.

    We’d love to hear what you think of this project and if you might like to back such a project. We need to go into this project feeling  secure In the knowledge we aren’t going to face Kickstarter fees without having successfully funded the project!

    The project will be kept reasonably limited, no more than 25 different figures including those already shown. Doing so will enable us to deliver on time and in a professional manner.

    That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t continue to make more characters off of our own backs at a later date if these figurines prove popular. We do have a passion for this sort of thing J

    The casting would be done by griffin moulds, definitely rated as among the best by sculptors and crafts people alike. With decades of experience casting in pewter.

    The figurines themselves stand just over 23mm on average to the top of their heads, definitely making them suitable for those of us who enjoy a bit of gaming now and then, but we think they’d go easily well sitting decoratively on a shelf or could really be brought to life by the aspiring and talented painters out there.

    If you want to follow us on facebook to look at previous works and to keep up to date then please follow this link.

    Thanks for your time!

    Stuart Powley


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Custom ponies
    Many Awesome MLP Paintings!
    Ponies for Pathfinder - ebook

    This Day in Pony History - June 8, 2011-2012

    2011 - Not too much occurred today, significant events include day 13 results for the training grounds, and some comics.

    2012 - Luna's Cutie mark animation debuts, and a bunch of charities hold events today.