• Story Updates - May 15th

    Story updates! Make ponies lose their minds, through fanfiction.  Find them all below.

    Story: An Instance of Happiness (Update Part 4!)

    [Normal] [Sad] [Comedy] [Slice of Life]

    Author: AidanMaxwell
    Description: Tinder Lightheart, a compassionate colt nearing adulthood, operates an orphanage previously run by his parents, with help from his brother Warden and his sister Airy. Together, the Lightheart siblings raise young orphans and see them off to new homes, giving them a chance to experience what true love and a family feels like. One filly, Felicity Gardens, has been in the orphanage for far too long, and while Tinder's fears for her growth, an unseen entity looms ever closer that threatens to rip apart everything he has worked to achieve. A story of turmoil and misfortune, "An Instance of Happiness" follows Tinder Lightheart and his family as they learn what a true family is, and discover it through their hardships, complicated further by the meddling mischievousness of Felicity.
    An Instance of Happiness (New Part 4!) 

    Story: The Conquering of Love (Update Book 2 Chapter 11!)

    [Adventure] [Dark]

    Author: Littlecolt
    Description: Inspired by the fan video of an alternative ending of season 2. Twilight Sparkle finds herself inside a cocoon in the throne room of Canterlot Palace along with her friends and many other ponies. She is thrust into a dream world by Chrysalis who is feeding on the feelings of love and friendship she and the others will experience in their alternate realities. Twilight's happy dream doesn't last long, though, when a strange yellow gem brings her back to reality...
    The Conquering of Love (New Book 2 Chapter 11!) 

    Story: A New Breed (Update Story 2 Chapter 21!)


    Author: Polecat
    Description: It's been many years since the Imps first invaded Equestria and the first "Specials" appeared. But with the last of "The Six" now fallen under an Imp assault, can Luna recruit and train a new group of heroes to take their place? This story will take a look at one of Equestria's potential futures, where super-powered ponies battle with dark creatures from the reaches of space itself in an effort to save all of Ponykind.
    A New Breed

    Story: Asylum (Update Part 11!)

    [Sad] This is a story that differentiates itself from all other "Pony is Insane" stories by rightfully deserving its "Sad" tag, but not needing a "Dark" one. One enters the story wondering when Twilight is going to realize it is all fake. Whatever the author's future intent may be, one finishes the chapters presented here simply hoping that she gets better... -Prereader #13

    Author: Derek (Daemon of Decay)
    Description: When Twilight Sparkle slipped beneath the covers last night, everything had been fine. She had friends whom she loved, a teacher she adored, and a bright future ahead of her. But when she woke up, her blankets and quilts had been replaced by hospital gowns and padded restraints. Everything is wrong and nothing makes sense; even her friends have changed. The doctors, they keep telling her that she is sick, that none of it was real and it was all in her head. They’re lying. She remembers a life far beyond the hospital walls. She couldn't have made it all up on her own. They must be lying… right?
    Asylum (New Part 11!)