• Analyzing Fluttershy: Her Weakness As Part of Her Greatest Strength

    I think we can all agree that Fluttershy is adorable and yellow—but is she a great character? DRWolf001 defends against the idea that Flutters is a static character by explaining how her weakness is part of her greatest strength. Check out the video after the break!

    Fluttershy has grown on me a lot as a character. I used to see her episodes as boring in how they would retread the same ideas—but this actually works with the narrative structure of MLP, which is to follow along the daily lives of its characters, rather than to tell one central narrative arc. This lack of progress is more true to life, and makes Fluttershy an interesting character in its own way.

    Keep Calm and Flutter On did wonders for Flutters, by fleshing out her progress, and showing us where she can be both powerful and intelligent. And it wouldn't have been nearly as powerful in that regard, had she not been so firmly set up as this other sort of character beforehand.