• Season 1 MLP Hits iTunes Europe - English Coming Soon

    Starting back on Monday, EDEL: Kids released My Little Pony in both HD and SD on iTunes over in Europe.  Right now, all of the episodes are in German, but within the next few weeks, they have plans to release English audio. 

    Volume 1 is avaiable for €9.99, all others for €8.99.

    Have some links:

    Volume 1
    Volume 2
    Volume 3
    Volume 4

    Thanks to Gerjet for the heads up! 

    And as an added bonus, a completely random DVD has popped up on the UK Version of Amazon with a release date of September 2013.  All they have listed is the title: "Welcome to Ponyville".  I guess more will pop up on this one as time moves on!  (Thanks to Danny for that)