• Instrumental Music: Trixie's Trix / Equestrian Innovations / Ruby Skies and Violet Clouds / Monarch

    Instrumental welcomes ALL ponies.  We have three completely different types of electronic music, followed by some orchestral in the last slot.  Check them out below!

    Cereal's Note: someone actually made a song for Equestrian Innovations, as you can see. If you're allergic to my voice like I am, you may want to avoid it. It's actually kinda cool though.

    1.) Sim Gretina - Trixie's Trix (Electro House / I'm not biased stop sending angry emails)
    2.) Gremlin - Equestrian Innovations [REMASTERED] (Acid/DnB)
    3.) Ruby Skies and Violet Clouds: Lavender Harmony (Drumstep)
    4.) Wintergreen - Monarch (Orchestral/War March)