• Equestria Inquirer #46

    Onion news is best news.  Equestria Inquirer has released their 46th issue.  Check out the PDF here, and the description and the video after the break!

    "The first "real" episode of the Equestria Inquirer since Bronycon is full of amazing discoveries! Joe discovers that you can't stop ponies from being cute, and that Rainbow Dash can do an awesome Princess Luna impression. TechRat discovers that the Everfree Forest is more horrible than anypony ever imagined. Truthy discovers that too much excitement is bad for you. And LttMoose discovers that Twilight discovers that Applejack discovers that she doesn't care about Twilight's Higgs Boson discovery. Discovers! And that's just our print issue. If you've ever said "The video version is just a rehash of the print version," well first, bite me, and second, you're wrong! Skip the video, and you're going to miss discovering our awesome special guests Bree Faith, Rachellular and Kelsey Painter, rocking character voices like it's nothing. In fact, I'm told they recorded their parts in their sleep. That's how stinking good they are! So make a discovery of your own and check out our all-new episode. Has that word lost all meaning yet? Because it has for me. Discovers discovers discovers. Yep, just a bunch of letters now." - TechRat

    Also Trixie