• The Red Giant AKA the Sonic Roadboom AKA GIANT PONY TRUCK Invading Bronycon!

    We have invaded every single corner of the internet at this point. You can't go to a forum without seeing at least one person with a pony avatar. Travel around the mall though, and you won't see a whole lot of pastel equines walking around.  It's pretty rare to see someone sporting even a pony shirt!

    So how do we bring ponies to the real world?  With the magic of GIGANTIC ROLLING LED SCREENS.   The Big Red Truck will be invading bronycon and the USA sporting EQD logos, Ponies, and all sorts of other brony related crazyness. 

    If you are curious about the actual truck, head on over to their Facebook page here, or to participate in the event, check out their main page here!

    They released a video showing off what the truck is capable of.  You can find that one after the break!