• Galacon Announces Julia Meynen (German Twilight Sparkle) and Anneli Heed (Sweedish Spitfire)

    Remember a few months ago when the first signs of the Swedish Spitfire popped up?  Yeah, she is amazing.  It looks like Galacon has recruited her to speak at their upcoming Stuttgart pony event!   And on top of that, they picked up Julia Meynen, the voice behind the German Twilight Sparkle.  It's time for you european bronies to get some acting love!

    Check out their press release after the break.

    Dear loyal subjects,

    not a week after our fifth big press note, featuring event schedule/programme, cosplay contest and Bronies For Good auction, we are happy to announce the following:

    Guest #1 will make the convention “twilightiƶs”, so to speak - Julia Meynen, singer and voice actor with roles spanning from audio plays over anime like Ikki Tousen to sitcoms like Scrubs is going to visit Galacon. The German voice of Celestia’s most faithful student Twilight Sparkle will make room in her study schedule for what we have in store!

    Back home, guest #2 is known as a singer, stand up comedian and voice imitator - But to us, she’ll always be the coolest Wonderbolt around. From the land that’s enjoying Summer Sun Celebration right now and invents the best furniture hails Anneli Heed, aka Swedish Spitfire.

    But this wouldn’t be the Galacon staff speaking if we didn’t have another surprise in store: For the dinner one day before the convention, we are offering a LAST HUZZAH! - Two dinner tickets for 250€ each on our Startnext {{LINK: http://www.startnext.de/en/galacon}} page! If you want to meet Anneli Heed and Julia Meynen as well as the community guests and Galacon staff at this special occasion, hurry up, clock is ticking.

    You can look forward to all sorts of fun involving Anneli Heed and Julia Meynen, including a Q&A panel and more!

    Lets make this the best night ever for everyone involved.

    Best wishes,

    your Galacon team