• Random Merch: Shirts Sales, Hair Clips, Underpants, and More!

    We have a whole pile of merch this time around, because you guys just love random merch stuff! 

    First off is yet another birthday card, this one has the added bonus of talking though.  I wonder what the voice is like?  Hopefully they got the real Pinkie Pie on board.  If that Tara Strong interview from the other day was accurate, they probably hired someone else to do it.   Thanks to Chase for the submit!

    Check out a whole pile of more stuff after the break!

    And in the second slot is... colt dash?   Maybe to dodge the copyrights or something?  I don't really know.  It's a 10 dollar shirt over on TeeRaiders though! Thanks to the armada of people that sent it. 

    Slot number three is yet another Macy's pony shirt.  It looks like they are invading all the major stores now days! It's about time too.  Thanks to Hana for that one.

    And over at Welovefine, their daily deal is a Vinyl Scratch shirt.   It knocks the price down to 17.50, so if you wanted one of their crazy high quality shirts, now is the time to grab one!

    The sticker set above isn't actually sold separately at all.  When you buy the Friendship is Magic Australian DVD at a store called BigW, they include it as an exclusive.   Thanks to Travis for the heads up on that!

    And for those that bought those hair clips a while back, it looks like the full set is now available.  You could only get Pinkie and Rainbow before.  Thanks to Melody for those.

    These panties above were found at, once again, H&M.  I guess those of you who are feeling adventurous and are not female might be able to test them out or something! Just don't send pictures.

    And finally, we have more random coloring books.  Usually I don't bother with these anymore, but the translated captions are pretty funny for some of the pictures inside. 

    Fluttershy's Mane and Tail have grown unusually long (further proof of tail extensions).

    And Scootaloo is now Rainbow Dash

    Thanks to Carolina for the images and translations! Check out the full gallery here

    That about covers it! So much random merch...  Is anyone actually collecting all of this stuff? I wouldn't be too surprised.