• Story Updates April 16th (Morning)

    Wow, this fic is from way back in August! It was good then, and it has been revised to be even better apparently!

    We also have three others if that isn't your thing.  Check them all out below.

    Story: The Three Hooves (Update Part 4!)

    [Shipping] [Sad] [Comedy] [Crossover] [Sci-Fi]

    Author: Paleo Prints
    Description: 'John Smith' has settled in Ponyville with his wife and two daughters for many peaceful years. When the TARDIS gets a temporal distress call, Doctor Whooves and his family find themselves lost in time. Now Derpy must contend with not only monsters and maniacs, but future and past versions of her own husband!
    The Three Hooves

    Story: Anthropology (Update Part 19!)


    Author: JasonTheHuman
    Description: The story of Lyra's lifelong search for the truth about humans

    Story: Spirits of Harmony (Update Chapter 7+ All Chapters Revised!)


    Author: Stormchaser
    Description: Twilight and her circle of friends discover something truly amazing
    about the Elements of Harmony. What secrets lie buried deep within
    these mysterious, ancient artifacts?
    Spirits of Harmony

    Story: Tales of the Winter Magic Academy (Update Part 35!)

    [Adventure][Slice of Life]

    Author: Storytayler
    Description: Twilight and eight fellow unicorns from Ponyville enroll at Princess Luna's revived school for advanced magic studies. Best known as the Winter Magic Academy, the establishment is located on an ancient island of mysterious history since Luna's banishment over 1000 years ago. While the ponies think they're in for simply a semester of intensive magic studies, they will encounter much more than they initially expect through personal struggles and mysterious misadventures.
    Tales of the Winter Magic Academy