• New MLP iPad Books from Ruckus

    It looks like Ruckus has released a few more books for all you people out there with iOS devices.  These are essentially simple interactive stories with ponies.  Some of you may have tried the Twilight Sparkle Teacher for a Day app, it follows the same principle.

    Coder Brony sent over an article about it from his recent product launch luncheon, where he talked to a few of the Hasbro and Ruckus people about what exactly they have planned for it.

    Check out his blog entry here for more information, or go download it yourself for an easy four bucks. 

    Now I just need an iPad... Where is Cereal when you need him!?

    Update: Have some links and images!

    Things that Go Bump in the Night
    Rarity Loves Fashion 
    Twilight Sparkles Special Lesson