• YouTube catch-up: August '11 - Results!

    YouTube catch-up couldn't find Gilda. Have some ponified "friends" instead. (Mr. Turnip is such a boss.) Anyhow, this month's event yielded 16 videos - 5 of which warrant special mention - plus a set of 3 videos (a Trio, if you will) for comparin' & contrastin'. Everything's after the break, pony fans!

    Hoity Toity's Best of the Best Boutique: Rare and valuable gems

    #1 - YTPMV - My Little Hybrid - June 4th, 2011: A number of you may have seen this already. This is one of the earliest Pinkie Trigger-style videos, as far as I'm aware. It didn't settle in and lodge its way into my brain until a few listens, but it hasn't left since it got there. Enjoy!

    #2 - Music - MLP:FiM BGM: Pinkie Pie Ice Skating - July 2nd, 2011: This short piece of BGM from Will Anderson is a real treat! Simple yet beautiful, it's but one of many excellent underscore tunes that grace the majestic phenomenon that is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    #3 - PMV - PMV 3 Rainbow Connection - July 14th, 2011: Considering the (relatively) scarce amount of technical altering in this, I'm floored how well it gels with ponies. Equal parts heartwarming and cheer-inducing - at least from my 'both-ponies-and-Muppets-are-more-or-less-unceasingly-awesome' perspective.

    #4 - PMV - Rainbow Dash - I Will Always Return - July 18th, 2011: I admit to never having heard this song or having seen Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron prior to watching this PMV. (I *still* haven't seen Spirit, dag gone all things.) Tears leapt to mine eyes, I'm telling you! What I especially like about this one is how it portrays Rainbow Dash's loyalty to her friends so poignantly. Dash is awesome, yes, but she's not just cool - she's also a great defender. Rock on, keeper of the skies.

    #5 - PMV - Ponies with Diamond Eyes (mild content warning) - July 28th, 2011: Disregard that this PMV doesn't adhere to 'every-lip-must-sync' policy: It is a beast of a production. I don't know how it slipped under the radar the first time, but rest assured that the offending radar module has since been replaced by a bright-eyed pegasus with vision sharper than a hawk's - or a griffin's.

    Sapphire Shores' Zigfilly Follies: Other neat stuff

    The Ballad of Appleloosa (content warning - also, not the same as the other featured video of the same name)
    Rainbow Dash walks the dinosaur

    Apple Bloom's new philosophy
    Equestrian Knights
    nah.avi (Why is this so hilarious?!)
    Pinkie Pie - Icky Gilda! (Icky Vicky)
    Fluttershy Tribute - The Real Word
    Ponystar Galactica
    Giggle at the Ghostly metal
    What do you mean you don't want to be my friends anymore
    Singing telegram girl invites you to a party

    Da Photo Finish: Cleaning up

    One quick dealio left. Apparently, there are three distinct ponified 'Inception' trailers. (There might well be more, though I could not find any more.) The first one was featured in the previous YouTube catch-up and has the most views by far of the three trailers. The second one came out prior to it; the third one came out after it. You be the judge - determine which is best!

    Now, a couple minutiae from Tek. First off, at least a half-dozen awesome video submissions didn't make this month's cut because they were uploaded to YouTube sometime during August. As such, those videos have been archived for the next YouTube catch-up. That brings me to the second bit, which takes the form of a question: How often do you guys and gals want to see this event run?

    With the new season starting soon, fresh pony content will likely explode thrice over the second half of September. Would y'all be interested in a monthly YouTube catch-up, or should the next one hold off until October? Being a contractor instead of a 'regular' blogpony, I don't have much to do around here except maintain the EqDaily video archive (the ultimate destination of all these featured videos - and an aquifer of over 1750 pony videos to date) and post interviews (of which I have a couple still in progress - these things take quite a chunk of time to process). YouTube catch-up is my small way to honor overlooked pony videos by granting them second chances...yet, in essence, it's your way to do so via your video submissions. So, I leave it up to you. ^_^ Tell me!

    Either way, that's a wrap! Love you all, pony fans! Tek out.


      Go see it!! NOW!!!

    2. haha, that INCEPTION trailer was nicely made. liked the "Dream is collapsing" part

    3. Maneception was mine. SO DELIGHTED that it made it in! (\^3^/)

    4. Played the three inception videos at the same time, mind is blown.

      Also Mr. Turnip WILL mess you up.

    5. All these videos are really cool.

    6. So...triple inception? Would you explode twice?

    7. There's an audio issue in the Inception trailer I did (the Maneception one). If you want the version with fixed audio, you can find it here:


    8. @Torchman
      I'm thinking it may be a double explosion inside a bigger explosion inside a pony beside a potato. INSIDE YOUR DREAMS!!!

    9. umm... maybe a weekly youtube catch-up once new episodes start airing? say take submissions for the week after an ep airs, and do a post friday night/saturday morning before the next episode airs?

    10. Why is SIR Lintsalot a lady? thats weird

    11. I like the 1st and 4rd inception vids, though the 3rd one loses points for the "Manception" bit.

      I'd be interested in this being a monthly thing, that way we'd get to see some more S1 vids before they get lost in a deluge of new pony.

    12. @dw1482
      It's like a taco, inside another taco, that in a taco bell, that's inside a KFC, that's inside a Mall that's INSIDE. YOUR. DREAMS!

    13. #5 was absolutely incredible. Even with Tek's comment on it, I didn't expect that kind of awesomeness in one PMV.

    14. bottom right corner for ponyception!

    15. when i heard the "I will always return" pmv i thought of the movie SPIRIT. best horse movie ever!

    16. Sheesh! Tekaramity's posts sure are... wordy

    17. "I will always return" was a big thing in my life. i think i just cried, REALLY cried for the first time in 7 years, and being 15 that's a pretty big number

    18. And yet mine still hasn't shown up. Oh well, I guess I can understand.

    19. Some of those were downright amazing. I'm glad I got the chance to see them.

      By far, The original Inception PMV is the best, although the 20% cooler one is a close second.

      I really enjoy these events, and I would like to see this more often. I suggest you try the once a month plan for a while.

    20. I'd definitely be interested in a monthly catch-up, but don't do it if you feel it might be too much.

    21. "I will always return", "Rainbow connection", and ponies masterfully combined gave me enough happy sadness to raise the dead.
      ...I wasn't kidding, does anyone know Zecora's phone number? mailing address? et cetera?

    22. I really liked #5 one!
      Really, sync seemed really good! And a cool omg.
      I bet FlutterShy would approve!

    23. Oooh, Pinkie's friends ponified, awesome.

      So much video.

    24. Out of the three Inception trailers, I think the one called "Maneception" is the best. It doesn't use footage from Inception at all and it used the show's clips rather well.

      As for doing a YouTube catch-up more frequently, how about one each week? Spreading it might be a good idea.

    25. Whoa. My video "What do you mean you don't want to be my friends anymore" made it in here? I'm honoured.

      Thanks for thinking my video was good enough to put on your wrap up! It means a lot! <3

    26. My heart just skipped a beat.

      Thanks for including my "The Real World" Fluttershy tribute in your list! It's greatly appreciated. <3

    27. @Inivonwini

      Yup. =3


      Which video was it? If it was uploaded in August, I bumped it back 'til the next YouTube catch-up. Send me an e-mail (Tekaramity@equestriadaily.com) linking to the video in question, and I'll give it a look (or another look, if I already gave it one).


      Thanks for the feedback, ponies - and monthly ought to work out just fine. =) Weekly...no, not a chance. x.x But monthly? Yep, you bet!

      @David Reinold
      @Simon Kenneth

      You're all very welcome! ^_^ Likewise, thank *you* for making such high-quality pony videos! The high tech (Tek?) side of the fandom is my forté, and I'm glad to be able to provide second chances to videos such as yours. Much love and friendship, ponies! <3

    28. well I would probably prefer either at least a 1 or 2 week intervals for missed videos.. at least untill season 2 starts - that way the videos don't get lost FoooRRrEeeeVvveeeErRRR!and once season 2 startes then i think it should revert to once a month updates.

      but maybe that's just me, i still have 1 video that has yet to make it here (uploaded august 1st... which i submitted twice.. and still nothing.. 1st time when it was finished - and second with my most recent video (which that made it up.. but still not the previous one)

    29. @Tekaramity

      I sent it to sethisto@gmail.com, it was a video titled "Sploich Trusts Pinkie Pie." Thing is, it was hosted on Blip.tv and I don't know what your rules are about that. Here's a link: http://blip.tv/sploichcom/sploich-trusts-pinkie-pie-5359944

    30. Starrose20's trailer gave me chills. He has the vote.

    31. holy EFF my dinosaur video...its on equistria daily, i am honored <3