• Full Translations Reveal Make Your Mark Was Allegedly Cancelled Due to Rejection of AI Voicework

    UPDATE: This has most likely been debunked. The VA that reported all of this may have had an unofficial Hasbro contact all along.  See this post for details.


    Yesterday we posted about the use of AI in Tell Your Tale season 2 for various language dubs around the world, but further translation of the conversation has revealed something pretty startling. Apparently Cort Lane, producer of Make Your Mark, allegedly called off the project entirely when Hasbro demanded they use AI in the second season of the show.

    We still have a lot of digging to do here, but multiple french speakers have confirmed that this is what was said, including right here in the comments of EQD

    Of course, it's always possible that more was to blame for the lack of future Make Your Mark episodes. Way back at the beginning of G4 something similar allegedly happened with Friendship is Magic in terms of creative differences between staff and Hasbro. In that case, Lauren Faust straight up left the show. Instead of cancelling the project, Hasbro went forward with the rest of the team for the seven remaining seasons we got over the decade. It's weird that they'd scrap the project so quickly in this case. 

    This is a spicy situation all around, so we will keep you all informed if more arises. There has been a bit of AI drama on Amazon Prime Video, and in gaming it's already popping up everywhere with AI Voicework being used in the FPS game The Finals. We are in for a very interesting rest of the 2020's at this rate. 


    NOTE: We are getting reports that some of the info provided by the VA might be inaccurate. More on that soon hopefully as we dig for more confirmation! 

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