• Community Classic Cover: Fetlocked - September (feat. Hatsune Miku) (Covering The Living Tombstone) [Vocaloid]

    In my otaku days 10 years ago, my Hatsune Miku doujin/fan music folder was growing... Until I found out about the brony community! I'm still displaying all my Miku figurines and dakimakura in my room, and Fetlocked saw fit to pay respect to the Vocaloid community and our beloved Miku with a cover of the classic September for the occasion of the 3rd DustCar race themed around Vocaloid... "Every instrument besides the drums were made through the use of speech synthesizers" as stated in the description, and to have Miku singing that song is such a crazy feeling, like two worlds colliding! Back then a post about anime-style MLP fanarts on an otaku news website made me find out about the brony community, so with this post on EQD I'm hoping that I could make some of you find out about the Vocaloid community in turn! It's another huge worldwide community with amazing fan works coming out daily!