• More Pony Music! Dashie, Hoofer Steps, and More!

    A variety of themes and heartfelt initiatives in this roundup of musical endeavors this time as well! There's also Rubber's comeback in the pony rap scene, Ethan's song themed around a G3.5 character, RD ED's tribute to a certain pony that might be the first, new pony musicians entering the scene, and a collab inviting you to "Come Inside to the Rainbow Dash cuteness" as the description says on YouTube! It sure would make Dashie happy!

    1. Koron Korak - A Last Melody

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    Koron's heartfelt ultimate requiem for his late brother, fusing violin, organ and bells!

    2. Voltex Pixel & Koron Korak - Dash To The Rainbow

    Instrumental - House

    A Dashie-themed collab featuring tasteful artworks!

    3. Suskii - CRYSTAL ソンブラ

    Vocal - Dubstep/Metal

    Suskii's contribution to Equinity 03 Breach delightfully calls back to earlier pony concept-powered tracks from the musician, all while showcasing an amazing fusion of his two signature musical styles, hard-hitting Dubstep and heavy Metal!

    4. Rubber & APPL3JVCK - King of the Everfree

    Vocal - Hip Hop

    An older track wrote 5 years ago finally seeing the light of day, it showcases the union of Rubber and APPL3JVCK's skills! Also check out the other recent upload and rap collab on the channel, F Being a Princess featuring Acarcion! (strong language warning!)

    5. Neu KatalYst - C R A Y O N S

    Vocal - EBM

    A gritty and creative entry to the Fluttershy-themed compilation album!

    6. Ethan Toavs - Whimsey Weatherbe

    Instrumental - Orchestral/Soundtrack

    Ethan contributed to the second DustCar compo themed around "MLP Villains & Antagonists" with a new grand piece about the G3.5 character Whimsey Weatherbe, "the closest thing G3 had to a villain", and the track feels like some epic last boss battle theme, featuring mad choirs as hoped for!

    7. RottenTotten - Song of the Sea

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    Featuring art from BlueNote, RottenTotten's Song of the Sea is a delicate and beautiful symphonic experience!

    8. BronyMusician & Sakairi - Mizu no Akashi (English Cover)

    Vocal - Pop Ballad

    New pony musicians entering the scene, BronyMusician and Sakairi present us an English cover of the Gundam song Mizu no Akashi, now associated with ponies with love! And the amazing Luck Rock helped with production and mixing!

    9. Ocean Melody - Open Your Eyes (Covering Aviators)

    Vocal - Orchestral/Pop Ballad

    A heartfelt tribute to the classic from Aviators, to celebrate 100 subs!

    10. RD ED - Hoofer Steps Ballet Class

    Instrumental - Electronic

    It's so lovely seeing a new cute song from RD ED, and this one is themed around Hoofer Steps, the dance teacher from S06E04 On Your Marks!


    FilledSilhoutte - Burning Mare 2020 Set

    SkyBolt - Mortal Kombat (Fighting Is Magic Tribute)

    D3RP1 & YOKAI - Burn (a vent song from D3RP1 and his new alias YOKAI, sampling Tanya's speech from Youjo Senki!)

    Cantersoft - Theme Song (Bassline & Drums Cover)

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!