• DustCar Music: Sound Bandit & Fin - U Smooze U Lose [Hyperpop]

    Only the regulars of the DustCar compos will get all the funny references in the lyrics, but this song is just so much fun I had to share it! Also it's a great chance to tell you about Fin who made a lot of pony music 5-6 years ago, I didn't know about them before but I caught up with all of their past music and it's such a gold mine! Check it all out from their channel! And join Sound Bandit and Fin in the fun of what they made for the second DustCare race with the topic of "MLP Villains & Antagonists"! The next race is underway and it has a non-pony topic this time ("Vocaloid"), although pony entries are still accepted so feel free to join anyway!