• G3-Inspired Album: Ethan Toavs - Sounds of the Enchanted Valley, Op. 4 [Orchestral]

    Some of you know about Ethan Toavs' amazing G3-inspired music from the bonus music posts (shoutouts to the dedicated bonus music posts afficionados!), well, as you may have heard his recent impressive streak is now available as a Continuous Mix on YouTube and an album on Bandcamp!! And that is my cue to give his G3 fan works a solo post so y'all know about it in case you'd be interested by that too. And even if you haven't watched the G3 of MLP, like me you will be able to appreciate the Equestrian vibes from all those songs as well as the amazing OST-like musical wonders all around!!

    Listen to the album from the Continuous Mix on YouTube here (also embedded below the break) or from Bandcamp here.

    The description from Bandcamp:

    "SOUNDS OF THE ENCHANTED VALLEY is an album of professional symphonic works inspired by the world of "My Little Pony" (2003-2009). It's goal is to encapsulate the Child's Fantasy, and put to music the idea of exploring the world through the eyes of a child.

    As this suite explores the fanastic world of "My Little Pony," it combines the full symphony orchestra with a choir, electronics, and at the end, a rock band. The very last piece, an ode to the world of MLP, features Ethan's own voice, with lyrics also written by him. At the very end, the wonderful Jordan Thornburg contributes her voice as well, bringing a climactic ending to an enchanted symphonic journey."

    Check out the album on Bandcamp here.