• Musical Growth Collection Album: DoTheDaringDew - Reflection [Rock]

    As you noticed once again with his latest song release We Were Here, DoTheDaringDew aka Dewie is such a passionate and valued member of our community, and guess what, he just released a collection of "every original song, every cover, every jingle, every experiment, and every whatever else" that he made from 2014 to 2019 (nicknamed the "First Hat Era" and I so love that!) as an album on Bandcamp! Not all the songs are pony (Dewie told me 15 songs in the album are non-pony), and everything you hear is what was recorded back then and nothing new was added (as stated in the description on Bandcamp), but I hope that you'll appreciate this meaningful and heart-warming collection of Dewie's heartfelt musical endeavors for all those years! Also a percentage of the funds gotten from the album will go to charities! More details in the descripion on Bandcamp (also included below the break)!

    Check out the album on Bandcamp here!

    The description of the album from Bandcamp:

    "I got into music over a decade ago, and it has been an absolutely wild ride so far! I've learned so much and am forever grateful that I've been able to have the experiences I have. With everything going on in both my personal life as well as the world, I found it necessary to look back on everything I have learned over the years on my music-making journey.

    Hindsight is 2020, after all.

    "Reflection" has been the biggest challenge of that journey so far, but I am overjoyed that I get to share it with you now! In a sense, this is my way of saying goodbye to an era of my life (nicknamed "First Hat Era"). What you are listening to is pretty much everything I have worked on ever since I got my first pieces of music production gear back in 2014.

    I spent months digging through all of my files to dig up just about everything I could. This album is me revisiting every original song, every cover, every jingle, every experiment, and every whatever else I have done from the span of 2014 to 2019. This includes all the stuff I'm proud of as well as the not-so-much; the good, the bad, the do-overs, and everything in between! This is as accurate of a gauge as my progress between then and now as I can give.

    Honestly, I had no idea it was over two hours worth of music!

    Everything you hear are the original tracks as they were recorded back then; I added absolutely nothing new. I made sure to only work with what my past self gave me and give it as best of a polish as I could. While everything on here is subject and planned for a revisit of some sort in the future, I wanted to share all of these how they were when they were first created. I hope you join me here as I reflect on what these last several years have taught me. Enjoy the story!

    IMPORTANT: With all of the craziness going on in the world right now, I want to help how I can! I'm very happy to say that I will be donating a percentage of what I make off of this album to these two great causes:

    Check out the album on Bandcamp here!