• New "My Little Pony Egg Surprise" And What is Inside

    Hasbro has started selling new "Egg Surprise"blind-boxes at various retailers. So far we have Kroger and Fred Meyer in particular. Each one costs $30, and they cover a variety of different brands.

    What does the pony one include? Journey into the world of offloading old merchandise below!

     Yep, just a Magical Salon brushable, a few smaller brushable singles, and a mini-plushie. A lot of these are pretty old unfortunately. For $30, I suppose you pay more for the surprise aspect than what it actually includes.

    The boxes have codes on the bottom, but all of the ones at this store were apparently the same, so they probably don't indicate what is contained within, or they only had one specific type.

    Thanks to Framwinkle for the pictures and all the infos!