• Hasbro's New York Toy Fair Investor Presentation Is Up

    Toy Fair 2020 begins tomorrow! We've already posted a bunch of merchandise offerings Hasbro is plugging this year for pony, but Hasbro has shifted focus hard to digital over the years.

    Today Hasbro held the investor presentation, which is followed by a brand preview presentation for fan media tommorow. The full slideshow of the Friday investor presentation has been uploaded to their press section. We have three pages in particular that show some ponies. One dedicated to the movie coming out in Fall of 2021, another up above bragging about Youtube and Mobile views of their various pony offerings, and a final one showing which category they stick MLP in as a whole, in particular the "Core Kids" section.

    For now, find the other two slides below, with coverage of the brand preview event coming up tommorow!

    Update: Corrected some information about which event the slides belonged to.

    Thanks to Jeffrey for the heads up.