• UNBOXING REVIEW: Ponies the Galloping Trading Card Set

    I got a box! One I actually purchased from Hasbro! Pulse! Hasbro Pulse!

    Hasbro's high end collector's online web store. (So this is not a free product for review purposes).

    A purchase which may or may not have also donated $30.00 to Extra Life to benefit Seattle Children's Hospital.

    Well, there's only one way to find out! Let's dive in and take a look!

    The box is open! It's time to find out what is inside the box!

    Another box!

    Only this one is completely unmarked and white…

    Do you think the MLP card set is inside this white mysterious box?

    Let's open it up and find out!

    Tissue Paper! What's in the box is tissue paper!

    … oh wait. The card set is wrapped in tissue paper. Neat!


    This is so freaking pretty!

    Also, I think this product has the highest recommended age for a My Little Pony product released by Hasbro. Ages 13+.

    Yeah. Hasbro was definitely aiming these cards at the Brony community. And considering how fast those playmats sold out, I think it worked.

    Name of product line somewhere on top of the box? Check!

    Making the logo holographic? Check.

    Changing it up so that it actually says Ponies: The Gathering? Not check.

    Eh. Two of out three ain't bad.

    Barcode, Copyright, Company, and Legal information all on the bottom of the box?


    This is a complete surprise. There isn't… anything on the back of this case. Not even a—wait! What's that?!

    Well, this explains why Hasbro was able to ship these out almost immediately. The whole promotional set was Made in USA!

    Which is something MTG has been doing since the 10th Edition back in 2007. This is something I was not aware of.

    Considering how many of Hasbro's products are Made in China, seeing something from them that was Made in USA is a very welcome change.

    Also, this pack contains a poster. Now that really is an unexpected surprise!

    Looks like getting this out of the solid plastic shell isn't going to to too difficult. All I have to do slide it out.

    So I'm going to go do that.

    Well would you look at that.

    Hello Poster!

    Which is very oddly sized… great. So I'm going to have to get a custom frame and matting for this. That ain't going to be cheap.

    Aside from that one issue, the paper stock this poster is printed is really high quality, as are the inks used for printing. This is definitely one poster you are going to want to frame and hang on the wall!

    Though really, absolutely everything about this product is high quality.

    Putting in a concave arc into the box, which is printed with foil multi colored hearts, is not an easy thing to design out of cardboard.

    Heck, I think off portion of the $20 cost of this set, went straight to the packaging materials. This will be really nice to display by itself.

    Especially since each and every single card is encased in easily removable protective plastic.

    So I am going to do something you never want to do with something you want to keep in Mint Condition.

    I'm going to open that box!

    Oh wow! Twilight's card is holographic!

    And illustrated by IDW Cover Artist Jennifer L Meyer! This is so cool!

    Speaking of cool, one detail which I really love is how the pedestal Twilight's card rests upon has her Cutie Mark printed on it. And it is also Holographic!

    You know. Even with having the set in my hands, and even being this far into writing the unboxing review, I never quite believed this was real.

    Not until I saw the back of the card. Holy Smokes. There are official My Little Pony Magic the Gathering Cards.

    So… freaking… cool!

    Speaking of cool, here is the main event of the entire review! The one! The only! Princess Lu—

    wait. This card is for Nightmare Moon, not the beloved Princess of the Night. I want the beloved princess of the night.

    I may as well just flip the card over and stare in disbelief at the fact there are official My Little Pony Magic the Gathering cards again.


    So Princess Luna is on the back of Nightmare Moon's card! Awesome!

    And even better, both sides of the card are holographic.

    This is incredibly generous of Hasbro.

    Speaking of Generosity, here is the embodiment of generosity herself, Rarity the Unicorn!

    Just look at the art on this card! Absolutely glorious!

    This makes me want to cry. I am so happy right now.

    I seriously hope Hasbro releases Magic Cards for Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy in a future fund raiser effort for extra life. It would be really cool to activate Twilight's effect during a casual game.

    One final detail to take note of before wrapping this up. The cards printed on the included poster are printed at a 1:1 ratio with the genuine article. So if you were to frame and then hag this poster up on the wall, you'll be looking at the full sized cards. Which is pretty dang cool.

    Bottom line, even if you don't play Magic the Gathering, these cards are wicked sweet and are definitely worth picking up if you can afford it.

    If you're interested in picking up one of these sets, you're in luck! The cards are still available on Hasbro Pulse for $50.00! Be sure to pick it up today!

    On a side note, I hope Everfree Northwest managed to snag a set (and the playmats) to auction off in their charity auction in 2020. It would be poetic considering where EFNW takes place. Double the charity for the same product!