• Nightmare Night Music: StableTwoStallion - Alptraum Mond [Industrial Gothic Metal] / Koron Korak - Possessed [Dark Ambient]

    While black magic rituals are getting prepared all around in the community as I'm typing this, pony musicians are joining the madness with their own magic! StableTwoStallion's new release is named Alptraum Mond which means Nightmare Moon, and that's such a perfect theme considering the lore from Luna Eclipsed! Incredible vocals in German are such a bliss along the heavy and spooky instrumental! Next up, Koron Korak did amazing with this new Dark Ambient piece that has the genre on point, with the perfect sound design of pulse-like beats full of delightful bass, mad percussions, and faded voices in the dark for a musical experience worthy of some Alone in the Dark or F.E.A.R game! I recommend listening to it in FLAC quality from the Bandcamp link and with good headphones, you won't be disappointed!! Give it up for our awesome musicians everypony!

    StableTwoStallion - Alptraum Mond

    Koron Korak - Possessed