• Pony Pumpkin Carving Event 2019 - The Pumpkins!

    Your pumpkins have arrived! We've got 20 awesome creations from carvers all around the fandom. Thanks to everyone who entered again this year.

    Enjoy the pumpkins below!

    For older pumpkins, check out the pumpkin tag

    1 Luna - The Mare of Pumpkins ! - Sir. Kick Ass

    Art image 1
    This is the first pumpkin i have ever carved in my life !

    2 Friendship is Witchcraft - Shakespearicles

    Art image 2
    It's not creepy.

    3 It's bigger on the inside... - RainbowBacon

    Art image 3
    So much is happening on EQD with all their events, It's hard to keep track, (expect more art)
    It's kind of weird submitting stuff now that the show has ended, but seeing all the stuff people are making on derpibooru, as well as Deviantart and Twitter and everywhere else, It really reminded me that the fandom will probably never die :D
    Anyhow, enjoy this Doctor Who My Little Pony Pumpkin that which I spent 3 hours on trying to peel of the skin with a potato peeler :D

    4 I'm Borrowing Your Space - 5v5v5v5v

    Art image 4
    The image itself is a few years old, but never the less an old favourite of mine.

    5 The Pony of Shadows - Doctor_This_Guy

    Art image 5
    What could be more fitting for Halloween

    6 Derpy Hooves bat pony - Derpy Hooves adventures

    Art image 6
    Carving of Derpy Hooves as a bat pony

    7 Nightmare Moon - Alex Fotland

    Art image 7

    8 BronyCon Tribute - Doctor_This_Guy

    Art image 8
    I had the privilege of attending in 2014, 2018 and 2019. Every single one finished with new friends and plenty of stories.

    I wanted to commemorate with this, a collage of sorts.

    9 Filly Applejack - Mike "Cartoon Karma" Culligan

    Art image 9
    Her legs actually are her adult height, but the curve of the pumpkin makes them look shorter and thus makes her look like she does in flashbacks as a filly. I say, embrace those artistic idiosyncrasies!

    10 Twilight Sparkle Pumpkin - archiveit1

    Art image 10
    Check out my gallery for more pony pumpkins.

    12 Pinkie Pie trick or treating as a mummy - DavinciWolf

    Art image 12
    It's been a while since I've had time to participate in this event, and I had a really great time working on this one. I'm pretty happy with the results, especially since I used my own art for reference.

    13 Thank You FiM - Mayflower train set

    Art image 13
    With FiM having ended earlier this month, I decided I’d carve a pumpkin in its honor. My original plan involved the final shot of the characters on the hilltop. And you can mostly make out the dotted outline of that on the pumpkin. Unfortunately, given that this was my first time ever carving a pumpkin and this was a rather complex design, I didn’t get much farther beyond the dotted outline and had to abandon my original plan. So I created a new design, with the dotted outline in center, “THANK YOU FIM� carved below, and a rainbow arching above. Improvise, adapt, overcome. A special thanks to DKurtis for merging the two images into one.

    14 MLP villains - Midnight Rush

    Art image 14
    Unfortunately had a bit of bad luck with this pumpkin, Happy to finish before it fell apart :)

    18 Guardiangoyle Pumpkin (EQD Annual Pumpkin Event 2019) - CMC_Scootaloo

    Art image 18
    Another Nightmare Night has come and with it, a new pony pumpkin for Equestria Daily's Annual Pony Pumpkin Event! The last time in a year that saw new episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic..... And, unfortunately, I'm not proud of the result.

    The idea was to carve a guardiangoyle in a pumpkin, the living statues we've seen in "Daring Doubt", as they are a perfect fit for Nightmare Night. But due to the aforementioned problems, the guardiangoyle isn't very recognizeable. It looked much better when I drew it on the pumpkin, which you can see on the attached WIP picture.
    Regardless, I had to make one..... I can't let mental and emotional problems keep me from a beloved yearly tradition. So here is a dedicated, but messed up, pumpkin for the dark holiday.
    Happy Nightmare Night! May your own pony pumpkins turn out as less of a nightmare (or, as a nightmare done right).