• Nightmare Night Compilation Album: Pinkamena Party - GABBA​-​CA​-​DABRA FOR PONIES

    We saw what the noise.horse folks were capable of for Nightmare Night, and now it's time for the Pinkamena Party crew to show off their stuff! For this year's Nightmare Night, they themed the album around that Halloween special brushable, and the opener track will tell you what it's about. Many awesome musicians contributed to the album, and pony fun all around can be tasted along the black magic rituals and wonky shenanigans. Tracks such as Kakofonous A. Dischord's Oh My Celestia enacting such a surprising dialog, Dynamite Grizzly & Enny's If, By Midnight, I Do Not Have a Fourth Pony Keg blending EDM with guitar riffs, and Spikey Wikey's Foreplay starring Spike himself, all provide such unique experiences along the creative musical endeavors and play on vocal samples, while Enuna's The Headless Horse and replacer's 101 undead unicorns have their theme on point. And that is to name a few, since the album has a lot of treats for you to savor! As Dynamite Grizzly has it, this "will make you want to go up to strangers and demand candy"!
    Download the album from Bandcamp here, and check out the recording of the live release party from here!