• Pony Zettai Ryouiki/Absolute Territory Cover: PrinceWhateverer - Absolute Territory (Covering Ken Ashcorp) [Rock]

    You won't believe your ears! Our friendly neighborhood PrinceWhateverer just covered Ken Ashcorp's classic, Absolute Territory, the song about zettai ryouiki that is a fetish for many of us! Now blasting the power of rock music in pure PrinceWhateverer style, the new version features fitting pony art by AHEKAO, showcasing the might of zettai ryouiki once more. The new vocals and heavy guitar riffs are such a bliss, as we rediscover the cherished song! No matter B-rank, A-rank, or possibly S-rank (A-rank + tsundere + twin tails), a zettai ryouiki will always be appreciated! (Yes, I just happen to be an expert about zettai ryouiki/absolute territory... gotta thank my otaku days for that!)