• MLP Tributes, Re-Remixes & New "A Kirin Tale" Remix: Likonan - The MLP 2019 Re​-​Remixes EP

    Hear ye, hear ye! After a hiatus, Likonan is back to pay tribute to the show one more time!! The pony musician behind so many heartfelt remixes and the ponification of The Riddle, Celestia's Riddle (an all-time favorite of mine), Likonan remade past remixes that all have a story to them. And speaking of story, the musician is telling his story about his discovering of MLP and the community, in the videos of the tracks from the EP, available in a playlist here! He actually never stopped watching the show! And along with this great comeback, he made a brand new remix, an Eurobeat take on A Kirin Tale, on YouTube here! It seems like nopony can resist to the undeniable charms of Autumn Blaze!
    Download the whole EP from here, and catch the playlist of the story-powered videos here!