• BronyCon May Be Over, But It's Not the Only Pony Convention!

    BronyCon is over. The closing ceremonies happened, and they never popped out and said "Surprise! We decided to do another year!" After all this time we no longer have a convention in Baltimore.

    This has lead to a flood of people freaking out thinking everything is over and their beloved horse community is no longer a thing. If there is one thing we learned from the absolutely insane amount of people that flocked to the event though, this is not at all the case.

    I've had many a lost and confused brony reach out asking what they should do now that a pillar of the community has disappeared. Enough that I think this warranted a post.

    So, lets do that below!

    BronyCon's final run proves that the fandom is still out there desperately wanting to meet up and do pony related things in the real world. People want to drop thousands on custom made life-size plushies of their favorite horse. They want to meet the artists that keep their eyes entertained, and dance live with the musicians that get their feet tapping. At the end of the day, this community has always been 100% driven my it's creatives, and as long as you keep supporting their work, they will keep making it.

    Where then will you go to finally compliment them in person? Where will you meet that dude you played 1300 hours of pony minecraft with?  How about The other 14+ conventions?

    BronyCon is gone, but we still have conventions around the world, and even a few new ones attempting to get traction. Many are run by the same people that brought you the many BronyCons over the years, or at least advised by them.

    So stop the panic! Support the other events. The more people that show up, the more likely your favorite artist, official show staffer, or even best buddy will want to go.

    Pre-order your badges and let them know you are interested so they can hop on their respective twitters and brag about the stupid amount of people signing up to attend. Nothing gets people flocking to a con more than bragging about pre-sales.  Many of these conventions already field close to or over 2000 attendees every year. You don't need 10,000 to make a good event. If anything, not waiting in lines for 4 hours will make it all the more enjoyable

    Get out there and support your local one, or plan a trip around an event taking place in a country or state you haven't been to before and make it a vacation. If you want more BronyCon, it's entirely up to you to make it happen!