• "The Point of No Return" Episode Followup - [Twilynanas Intensifies]

    Are you prepared for more Twilight freakouts? Of course you are. This is as regular an occurrence as the sun and moon! Provided Celestia and Luna don't sleep in

    Will the anxiety-stricken Twilight Sparkle get overly paranoid about something that's probably no big deal at all? Will she act out in ridiculously humorous ways simply to give us a quick laugh or two? Will this obvious worry over nothing be hopelessly pointed out by some close friends and/or personal assistants, only for her to work herself into even more of a tizzy?! If you answered yes to all these, I think we both know you're likely correct.

    I'm the hippogriff batpony known as Cobalt Comet. Join me below the break as we take a closer look into Twilight's book-borrowing misadventures in "The Point of No Return"!

    Derpy, quit hugging that pole and give Twilight her mail, jeez.

    Also, can we get a cleanup in aisle Friendship School? Thanks.

    This is totally an instance of that feeling when a large package arrives, but it's not for you. One of the worst feelings out there, I tell ya.

    "I must go now. My planet needs me!"

    Cutest mailmare or cutest mailmare? For no other mailmare could hope to compare.

    *piece falls off*

    Some assembly required...

    D'aww, how adorable. Complete with cheesy macaroni art project picture frame and all (see what I did there?). How many here can say they made one of these picture frames in school or with family growing up? I can recall making at least one when I was little.

    "My G1 Starswirl figure!"

    Collectible "G1" pony figure in a show created in part to support collectible pony figures. That's right, we're going full meta once again!

    Gotta admit though, I sorta want one now. When you put the figures' clothing on, he has a single phrase that says: "I put on my robe and wizard hat."

    Wait a minute, that clock in the bottom left corner certainly looks familiar...

    But if it's been back at Twilight's old place in Canterlot this entire time, then how... what... huh?! Y'know what, I'm not even going to question this. Especially with Pinkie Pie involved.

    I was trying to make out the "numbers" on the slip to get some sort of idea on dates. Of course it's all basically in hieroglyphics as always. I can make out what looks to be a "4", "07", and "01". Those numbers on the ends denoting year certainly look like "01" in some places.

    Enter the Twilynanas.

    Ouch, Spike. As Nathan Explosion would say: "That's brutal."

    That picture is too cute. How long before a Brony has this actual picture up on their wall?

    Deja vu! It's been quite a while since we've seen this scene! Brings back some good old memories.

    And there goes the book! I had a feeling even before this scene played out, that the red book on top of the book stack was in fact the very same book. It's pretty cool to see new material tie into old material like this. It helps flesh out the world and shows past actions have future reactions.

    "I take it we're going to Canterlot?"

    Do you even need to ask, Spike?

    "Prciness Twilight Sparkle at a library? Stop the presses!"

    You heard it here first, folks! Princess Twilight Sparkle was seen today at the public library!

    Twilight is absolutely slaying me with her facial expressions and photo's in this episode. Just lookit that face. The face of concentrated unfiltered cute pone.

    Twilight sniffs books. Why am I not even surprised?

    And why do I feel instances such as this one above are fairly commonplace? They seem to often involve bushes too. Remind me if I ever travel to Equestria to steer clear or any and all bushes. You just never know what or who are in them.

    Pretty much my reaction when I have to interact with people too.

    Speaking of reactions! I bet this collective gasp stretched the entirety of Equestria. The gasp heard 'round the world!

    Those eyeglasses are giving me a sort of John Lennon vibe. Or perhaps Elton John.

    This librarian pone is actually sorta cute. Do you think she's waifu material? I think she's totally waifu material.

    I like how Spike took the initiative here and just bypassed all Twilight's tomfoolery by taking it out and simply plopping it on the desk, explaining the situation. Good on ya, Spikey.

    "In the basement. Because of the SHAAAAME!"

    Haha. Turns out it wasn't as minor an issue as we may have suspected it seems. Perhaps Twilight had cause for concern after-all.

    Speaks for itself.

    Twilight: "Nopony except undependable rule-breakers who deserve all the horrors this hallway holds!"

    Spike: "And their faithful dragon companions!"

     Spike has some pretty funny lines and comebacks in this episode, I must say.

    *dragon boop*

    Oh hey, we know this place! It's The Tasty Treat from Spice Up Your Life!

    Yay, its Moonbutt Minor Moondancer! And she just so happens to know First Folio, the current head librarian at the Canterlot Library. It figures the other big egghead would be personal friends with the local head librarian.

    Alright, I'm actually beginning to really feel for Twilight at this point. From what she was just told, it's looking like she may have in fact been the reason her favorite head librarian lost the career she so loved. That would be a major attitude downer for nearly anyone.

    "That's why you only order spicy if you can take it!"

    Spike, you're knocking it out of the park in this episode. Also, that food on the neighboring table is legit making me real hungry now. Does the food on shows you watch ever start making you really hungry all of a sudden? It happens to me constantly.

    With how the wealthy tend to always carry themselves in Canterlot, I suspect the chiropractic industry is in very high-demand here.

    That's a whole lotta signs. That's the house of somepony who really doesn't like solicitors! There's one single thing not x'ed out, and it looks to be the newspaper.

    Also, Fancy Pants up on the balcony. And Lemon Hearts down on the ground.

    I lightly chuckled when he mentioned changing her address. It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the bag of mail. He also seems like he could possibly be in reference to someone, but I have no idea who.

    I love these two little cottages. They're so cute and cozy-looking! All while overlooking those mountains in the background? Awesome. According to the map, this is even on an island. I wanna live here. If I move to Equestria, this is one of the first places on my list to check out for real estate.

    Was half-expecting some monster fish or the like to leap out of the water in this scene. But I was sadly disappointed.

    Where is this scene even taking place at? Three of the student six are here, so I can only assume it's not one of their homelands, but instead the School of Friendship. Which isn't anywhere near where Twilight is searching, right? Did she travel all the way back out there just to ask the students or what? Sorta odd and random honestly.

    Is it just me, or can you distinctly tell this is a retirement home just by the look of the building? It's like they always have a certain look to them. It's a very nice one at least. They even have a lighthouse! I love lighthouses.

    I'm with Spike here, this place looks like a wonderful place to retire in. I'd live here.

    On second thought, this building is even better! That place looks so comfy and cozy! Sorry, just admiring the architecture and beautiful backdrops. I'm done, haha.

    Is it common practice to put the residents' faces on the doors at retirement homes? This came off as a bit odd to me, but I've only been in one or two retirement homes ever. Or perhaps this is just a plot device for the sake of easily finding her apartment.

    Honest-to-goodness, I was expecting her to eventually come to the door. I figured it was simply taking her a while to make her way to it.

    Simply gorgeous place. Idyllic is the word that comes to mind.

    A familiar face. It's Apple Rose from the episode Grannies Gone Wild!

    Just a cute silly Twi face. :T

    Another familiar face, Mr. Waddle. This guy seems to be everywhere!

    Dang, these seniors are lively. I sure hope I'm this energetic and exciting after I retired! Seeing Twilight on one of these is pretty cool too.

    Talk about a nose job. You could poke an eye out with that thing! I saw a picture of this guy before I even had the chance to watch the episode!

    My sentiments exactly, Twi.

    *epic guitar rifts*

    Both of these expressions were worth the screencap alone. But wow, don't mess with seniors! They stronk!

    Well, that was certainly a 180 degree turn. I really wasn't sure why she changed demeanor so quickly here. At first I thought perhaps she was simply so angry at the situation, she shut the entire thing out, including Twilight.

    Looks like we've uncovered the underlying reason Twilight is so eager to right things again. Not only is Dusty Pages' perfect record at stake, but Twilight's own perfect book-returning record as well.

    Abacus! Anyone else remember the whole Luna and her abacus meme? Man, it's been years since I've seen that meme. I like how Spike shifts all the beads to one side, denoting a rather large amount.

    Why the long face? Haha. Okay, okay, I must admit, I laughed quite hard when I paused right here. That face is a keeper.

    Crochet? Bingo? Not even close. Squishy fruit food fight tournament! This retirement home has some of the coolest activities! That settles it, when I retire it's going to be here!

    It's pretty rare I get to include two instances of this meme. I feel accomplished.

    Really digging that cool gear, especially the helmet. This grannie don't mess around!

    The second gasp heard 'round the world!

    As you may have been able to deduce since, well, the beginning, Twilight has been worrying this entire episode for absolutely no reason. It seems her mistake in not returning the book opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Dusty Pages. Letting her be free, let go of the pursuit of perfection, and seek out the life she really wanted.

    The big misunderstanding that lead to all this was of course what Twilight had been told by First Folio: that Dusty had been fired due to her not returning the book. Now that Twilight knows the truth, that Dusty had left of her own volition, this changes her perspective quite a bit. I feel like this could almost sorta double as a lesson in taking rumors as just that: rumors. Always make sure you have your facts straight before jumping to conclusions or getting worked up.

    Twilight's blushing is too adorkable for words.

    More adorkable blushing.

    It seems Twinkle Sprinkle here didn't even read the book, which just so happens to be titled "Perfection: The Impossible Pursuit". Twilight was served up a big ol' helping of irony this round.

    This office bares a perfect resemblance to my office here at Equestria Daily: dark, dank, small, papers and filing cabinets everywhere, and the distinct smell of everything and anything antique. The perfect office for bats! Throw up a couple random meme posters on the wall and you're set! My office may or may not be in the janitor's closet

    That snort though. Nothing is cuter than when a woman snorts while laughing. This librarian is quickly becoming waifu material as well.

    Looks like Twilight is going to loose her place as Best Book Borrower, however.

    You can provide your own caption for this one, heh heh.

    In the end Twilight learned her lesson about trying to achieve perfection: that no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and that's perfectly okay. I feel another lesson here is mistakes are a stepping stone to learning. Through mistakes we learn new things and how to better ourselves!

     And that's the episode! What were your thoughts on this one? It was basically what I had expected it would be: Twilight spending most of the episode freaking out over a misunderstanding. I suppose that was pretty much a given. But I rather liked it all-the-same! It had some really fun and funny moments as they all tend to. Some character reappearances, sly references, laugh-worthy facial expressions, and endearing heart-felt moments. All that good stuff!

    Discuss your thoughts down in those comments! This is Cobalt Comet, retreating back to her bat cave EqD office! Ciao!