• MLP Comics Music: Chiptune Brony - Heart of Thicket [Soundtrack]

    Chiptune Brony did a field theme for the Kingdom of Thicket from the official MLP comics (issues 27-28) and it works so well as a field BGM for that area in some RPG game! The strong identity of the song, tied to the particularities of the place, can be felt all throughout with a wise and skillful choice of instruments. The melodies and composition overall is quite amazing, and it's such a great tribute to OST music from RPG games that tends to be melodic and progressive. The last part in particular is quite emotional, with such an unexpected twist, and even ambient sounds! Chiptune Brony did so awesome with this blissful track, you can appreciate it even if you didn't read the comics (I have them all but have yet to find the time to actually read them...), but if you have read them it should feel even more amazing! Don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments!