• Pony Club Releases New 1.7.15 Update Adding Lots of Stuff

    Ponyclub has released another big update for spring, adding a bunch of new building items for you to play with,  a much greener environment, and a few other things.

    Head on down below the break to check out the patch notes, or go play it here.

    Winter is finally over! And now we give you a spring update, filled with warm colors, bird singing and the comfort of a quiet forest village!
    Sandbox Update!
    - Winter tiles replaced with a nice new grass.
    - At the edges of the location now begins a forest full of flowers and beautiful spring trees.
    - Added restrictions on construction outside the location and in the area of spawn.
    - Of course, atmospheric sounds suitable for the season! 
    Upgrade facilities for construction! 
    - Removed all the details of the snow fortress. 
    Added a whole arsenal to build your log cabin: 
    - Block high walls + grass
    - Block low walls + grass
    - Corner Log Block
    - Short corner log block
    - Block with window + frame repainting
    - Wide door frame + repainting
    - Bench / table + repainting
    - Fence + grass + repainting
    - Logs
    - Wood floor in two sizes 
    Lighting with warm light:
    - High lantern + repainting
    - Mushroom lamp (now Amanita) 
    Additional objects for a greater sense of spring: 
    - Deciduous tree + sakura repainting
    - Bush + repainting in berry bushes
    - Lupins + repainting
    Updated item editing buttons! Now on the button:
    E - items will turn,
    R - change the view / repaint.
    - The game has another clan that calls itself the Builders. They can be recognized by a construction helmet with a diamond star.
    - Removed the winter location with all things.