• Current Events and Deadlines on Equestria Daily! - Starlight Day, Pony Collection, Race Swap, and Premier Meetups

    Since we have a stupid amount of stuff going on right now, I figured I'd get a reminder post out for all of the events you can currently submit to.

    Race Swap Open Art

    First off for all the people that want to get some pony drawing practice going, or other races, we have the Race Swap Open Art. It's deadline hits on the 13th of March, so get those drawings in! All skill levels welcome! Details here.

    Pony Collection Event

    Show off your pony collections! Deadline is the 20th of March. Get the submission info for this one over here.

    Season 9 Premiere Meetup Collection

    Have a meetup? Get it in a big compilation of all of them! Deadline is the 15th of March. Sunmission requirements here.

    Starlight Glimmer Day 

    Starlight Glimmer has her big day ont he 20th of March, so be sure to get submissions in for that one beforehand to garuntee they make it. As always, [email protected] is the place and title the email STARLIGHT DAY followed by what it is. STARLIGHT DAY - OPEN ART for example.

    Anyway, feel free to join in all of the events if you want! March is kinda wild~