• REVIEW: SDCC 2018 My Little Pony Established '83 Greatest Hits Set

    Working my butt off this week to have time saved up to go on vacation next week to Europe for Galacon!

    Yes it is going to be a ton of fun, however this week, SDCC is happening in the beautiful city of San Diego, California. As per usual with the convention, Hasbro has a ton of exclusives. Namely the MLP Established '83 Greatest Hits Set. Hasbro was kind enough to send one to EQD. And I have a couple of minutes before the work day really gets started, so let's go take a look!

    I have a feeling you all might like it! You can check it out after the break!

    The boom box packaging for the 2018 SDCC Exclusive is really something to see.

    And packaging really is the selling point for this exclusive. You have a cassette drawer which actually functions—in the most basic sense—like an actual cassette drawer. The Cardboard handle up top actually works. The plastic displays are the two speakers commonly found on boom boxes, plus the built in AM/FM radio.

    The only parts of the boom box which is missing from this design is the radio antenna and the power cord… I can instantly see why the latter was excluded from this release.

    The toys packaged inside are the standard 3" brushable figures the MLP toy line is known for with a couple of extra attachments thrown in. Pinkie is the most unique since her leggings are actually made of fabric.

    Rainbow Dash's outfit looks the best—she is the living embodiment of radicalness so no surprise there. I absolutely adore her Mohawk. It perfectly fits her character and her outfit.

    Twilight is the 80s pop princess of the bunch and aside from her hair—which is expertly styled—everything about her outfit choices screams "this is a nerd's attempt at being a pop-star" and I love it!

    The dot matrix printing effects absolutely scream 80s technology, as does the front of the box itself.

    Seriously, nothing screams the 80s more than a Boom Box, except for Radio Shack. Which if I recall correctly is where you bought your Boom Box in the 80s.

    The bottom of the box contains the standard product information, including the barcode, what parts of the package can be recycled, and country of origin.

    It's weird seeing all this information on a My Little Pony toy where the packaging is primarily black. So used to seeing white and pinks. This color scheme will really stand out in any collection display.

    Once again: dot matrix! Love it!

    The back of the box showcases radical 80s inspired artwork featuring the 3 toys contained in this exclusive.

    Of interesting note is the addition of a very small sticker on the back changing the number of collector cards contained within from 7 to 3.

    I wish I could have been a fly on the wall during the meeting where that change occurred. Must have been something late in the production of this piece to cause a physical change to take place on the packaging itself.

    I highly recommend not opening the box to get to the toys inside. The plastic containers are raised above the cardboard. This makes removing them without damaging the package very difficult.

    The cassette player is a different matter entirely.

    Though it is secured closed with way too much freaking tape, the holder containing the cards pops open just like a real cassette player. Very nice touch.

    The collector’s cassette cards are make out of the same cardboard as the box itself, and they are punny as all heck. "Trot Like an Equestrian" has me in stitches!

    The back of the cards feature the same art that’s on the back of the boom box.

    Before we wrap up though, I am going to point out one thing I wish had been done for the release of this exclusive. Namely a little bit of cross brand synergy. Back in March of this year, IDW released My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #64. That issue covered Rarity dealing with a resurgence of old fashions trends… from the 1980s.

    The stars were in alignment to have a cross company branded My Little Pony Established '83 comic book (not just cover) as a beautiful love letter to the 80s. and for one reason or another it just didn't happen.

    Overall this a very neat toy. If you are in San Diego for SDCC this weekend, and you happened to get luck and win the Hasbro exclusives line lottery consider picking this on up!