• My Little Pony: Pocket Ponies Game Revealed at SDCC

    Hasbro has another new game in the works and making it's big debut over at San Diego Comic Con. My Little Pony: Pocket Ponies is currently in demo form on the show floor right now, and we've got some extra info to go along with it if you aren't available to attend.

    Get a breakdown below, plus the schedule for the booth in general.

    My Little Pony: Pocket Ponies

    • In development by Budge Studios, the same company that made Rainbow Runners
    • Takes place during season 8
    • The setting is at Twilight's school of friendship  
    • Play as a new student
    • Collect in-game pony figures known as "pocket ponies" by completing arcade style challenges for favorite characters. 
    • More info later on hopefully! That's about the gist of it.

    Hasbro booth schedule