• Ponyfinder Releases New Expansion - Beyond Everglow

    Ponyfinder has released a new expansion sending cartoon horses to space in their own specific style. The book adds:
    • Two new races
      • The chaos-born Unspoken Spawn evolve themselves with time and practice.
      • Mineralite ponies are curious hybrids with a gem-based species.
    • Dozens of feats
    • New Rogue Talents
    • New traps to be wary of
    • New monsters to best
    • Compatible with both Pathfinder and the 5th edition of the most popular roleplaying game
    • Compatible with Starjammer, bringing space to your Pathfinder!
    • New traps designed to harass would-be brigands

    You can get it over here as a watermarked PDF for $15.